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Im sexy and I know it Comic cover :iconmimy92sonadow:Mimy92Sonadow 606 165
Flippy x Evil Flippy One Shot
Quarrels of the Mind, a Flippy x Evil Flippy fanfic.
Authors Notes at bottom of page.
Disclaimer: I do not, nor have I ever claimed to own the rights to Happy Tree Friends. And no amount of praying or bribing of the creators on my part is going to change that, so unless you see this one shot turned into a proper episode, you may continue to rightfully assume that I have absolutely no control over Happy Tree Friends. I’m just a devoted fan. Deal with it.
Warnings: This is a fic for the pairing Flippy/Evil Flippy, so that means slash. No like, no read. I take no responsibility for any further warping of your fragile little minds; I have done my part by simply warning you, it’s your own fault if your eyeballs turn to pus by reading my fic.
Reviews cherished, flames used to roast marshmallows at the next ‘slash fan girls convention’. Live with it.
Word count: 3759
The bed creaked ominously as he fell upon it, a sprawling mass
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How did you do it? I am a deviant who wants to publish a graphic novel but am having trouble knowing where to start.

-What supplies do I need
-how much will this cost me
-what kind of paper do I use
-what size paper do I need
-where can I go to get my book published
-How do I arrange my book
-what paper should I use for the cover
-what problems should I expect to run into when begging to publish a book and how can I prepare for them

So publishers if you would be so kind to share with me your wisdom I would be most greatful. :-)
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Aleah L.
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sup my name is aleah. as you may see that i am a huge sonic or sonadow fan. i have no idea why i like it i just do... its wierd but exiting and im enjoying evry minute of it. i <3 techno! manga is awesome. i draw... A LOT! i go through alteast two 70 page sketch books a month, I can be easly inspired. i sometimes spell words incorrectly and it really sucks. I wish that i was born in the late 80s so i can live to see Sonic The Hedgehogs popularity rising. I love just about any cartoon i see on tv, i always wonder what program they use to make it. I do draw alot of sonic and other tv or internet characters but i have my own characters and they ar the ones that fill up my sketch book, Ill find the courage to post them on DA. I absolutly love chicken especially when i cook it. I absolutly love sonic the hedgehog i dont know why but he is just so cool and i like his old voice actor Jason Grifith, i thought he did sonic's voice very awesomely and it brought out sonic'c true yeah.. thats all i have to say for now... bye. MEME FACES RULE!


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